12 volt power outlet

Handy 12v power source when on the road

The 12-volt accessory outlet occasionally recognised as a ‘car cigarette lighter’ or 12-volt socket, is a fantastic accessory for your canopy. The outlet allows you to turn your vehicle’s power system into a convenient 12-volt power source when camping or working on the road.
The outlet is a handy solution for your 12v charging needs, suitable for charging devices like mobile phones, tablets, onboard camping fridges, camera batteries and more.
Mounted within the interior of your canopy, the 12-volt accessory power outlet is a must-have for 4×4 camping enthusiasts or trade businesses on the road.


  • Maximum convenience and efficiency.
  • Suited to a range of 12-volt appliances.
  • Can be mounted in multiple locations within your canopy interior.