Canopy Inverter

Enerdrive ePOWER True Sine Wave Inverters

The Enerdrive ePower True Sine Wave inverters are one of our top canopy accessories. Offering a state-of-the-art, easy-to-use design that provides AC power and 5V USB power for your canopy. Suited to a range of appliances, you can keep AC-powered appliances operating for longer when on the work site or out adventuring.

Using the latest in power conversion technology, our installed inverters deliver clean and energy-efficient true sine wave AC power from your DC supply.


  • Australian GPO Outlets
  • True sine wave output is ideal for operating motor loads, and reducing stress on surge protection circuitry, meaning potentially longer equipment life
  • Audio alarm with warning/error codes to alert the user to check inverter condition before unit shutdown
  • Automatic shutdown protects against overload, overtemperature and low/high battery conditions
  • High surge capacity for products that require more power to start (2 x constant)
  • High-efficiency conversion of battery available power to AC power
  • Heavy duty DC battery stud connectors
  • Includes 5V USB port

ePOWER 400w

ePOWER 1000w

ePOWER 2000w

Canopy Inverter