Dual wheel & jerry can carrier

Added storage on the rear of your canopy

The AWL Canopy Dual Wheel & Jerry Can Carrier has been designed to provide added storage and convenient access to the rear of your canopy.

Constructed from powder-coated steel, the carrier includes a dual swing gate arrangement, double jerry can holder, spare wheel holder and a robust quick lock latch system.

Specifically designed for our range of AWL Canopies, the carrier offers convenient and unencumbered access to your spare fuel, water, wheel, and the rear of your canopy.

Perfect for all true 4×4 adventurers, this must-have accessory offers the ultimate in space-saving, storage, and rear canopy protection.


  • Powder coated steel
  • Additional 40L of fuel or water can be stored onboard
  • Spare wheel storage
  • Robust locking mechanism
  • Added safety and storage
  • Easy access to a spare wheel, fuel, water and the rear of your canopy.