LadderStow - Ladder restraint

Fast, safe & simple ladder transportation

The LadderStow provides an easy-to-use and ergonomic solution for loading and unloading ladders on your trade or leisure canopies. The LadderStow eliminates the need to stretch or climb on a tyre to access a ladder stored on the vehicle’s roof, which is a considerable health and safety risk.


Rhino UK Product
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  • Adjustable guide posts
  • Low weight, high strength
  • Suitable for Single, Extra & Dual Cab
  • Adjustable strap & buckle
  • Aluminium 6060 T6 (anodised clear)
  • Ideal for leisure & work vehicles
  • Independently 20g crash tested

More About the LadderStow

The perfect tool for transporting ladder systems on the roof of your canopy. The adjustable strap and buckle for fixing the ladder in place can be found at the rear of the LadderStow. The product has been extensively tested and has undergone both internal testing by Rhino UK, as well as independently 20g crash tested.

The LadderStow makes loading and unloading ladders easier, faster, and safer. Three versions are available to carry single, double, and extra-wide ladders.

Manufactured from aluminium alloy and stainless-steel components. Secures your ladder to the roof of your canopy. Fully adjustable and gas lifted.

Compatability • Compatible with a large range of make and model vehicles.
Lengths • Available in two lengths – 2.2m and 3.1m.


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