Underbody Drawers

Designed to fit seamlessly under the tray of your Ute, the underbody drawer is an ideal solution for additional storage on the road. Available in multiple sizes, our range of underbody drawers are a handy accessory for any vehicle model.

Underbody Drawers

Slamlock System
  • Water & dust proof
  • Slamlock handle locking system
  • Suitable for Single, Extra & Dual Cab
  • Aluminium construction
  • Secure storage solution
  • Ideal for leisure & work vehicles
  • Heavy duty roller system

1200 Slamlock

1600 Slamlock

1800 Slamlock

More About Your Rear Drawer Options

Underbody drawer fitted with secure Slamlock handle. Accessed from the rear of the vehicle, the drawer provides additional storage space. Aluminium construction, powder-coated, and carpet lined.
Available in 3 lengths • 1200mm, 1600mm and 1800mm
Width • 700mm (black and white faceplates).

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Make the most of your vehicle

Whatever your storage needs, we’ll help you make use of every inch of your work or leisure Ute. We can fit underbody drawers that are secure, discreet, and waterproof. You’ll be impressed by what we can design and build to accommodate your tools or camping equipment.