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If you are like so many Australian Motorists who have been complaining about the lack of availability of good quality towing mirrors, here is some great news! With more than 4 years of research and development Clearview Mirrors is now proud to
present the range of the highest quality towing mirrors now available from Australian Work and Leisure. Clearview Mirrors are not a strap on mirror. There are no bars and poles running across the vehicle. Clearview Mirrors has developed a full replacement mirror.

Your new Clearview Mirrors completely replace the existing mirror in the original position, and bolts on in the same place as the original mirror and with the exact same wiring for the electrics to enable electrical operation, in the same way as your original mirrors. When you hook up your caravan all you need to do is pull the mirror head outward and it will extend another 10-12 cm approx. to see past the side of the caravan. Clearview Mirrors are much bigger than the standard mirror, and allow much clearer vision for safer towing. The mirrors are made robust for Australian conditions, and will not vibrate when travelling at highway speeds.