The Home of the Australian Work and Leisure Canopies

AWL CANOPIES is a design and manufacturing company specialising in custom build canopies and vehicle innovations. 

We offer custom designs and fit-outs for trucks, 4WD, utilities and other vehicles that require practical after-market modifications.

AWL CANOPIES is a wholly Australian owned and operated family business – with over 30 years’ experience in the Motor Vehicle industry; and is continuing to offer complete solutions for work and leisure needs within the marketplace for government and national fleet companies, small business operators, the solo tradesperson and leisure/off-road adventurers.

More free inclusions, features and benefits than any other canopy trade service body
New Standard inclusions are...

Ask us now for the Australia’s Best Fleet canopy solutions.

the best on the market

As the leading manufactures in canopies and service bodies for Fleet and Leisure in Austrlia, AWL Canopies strive to provide the highest standard quality and customer service. Please do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions. Our friendly staff are always happy to speak with you.

Advanced Quality Control. Our standard canopies are Deluxe built with 5 year extended full warranty.

At AWL Canopies we have gone above and beyond to give our customer’s exactly what they want and what they have been asking for. We now offer the below standard with all our Canopy Units:


  • Canopy & Tray
  • Mounts & Mudguards whether you choose to go without Fiberglass Mudguard or our Heavy Black Plastic guard
  • Slam Lock Central Locking
  • Door Warning
  • 3 Internal LED Lights
  • Taillight Protectors with center infill panel (if customer doesn’t require an underbody drawer unit we replace it with an infill panel)

All of the above are standard inclusions that AWL Canopies now offer.

AWL Canopies manufacture a various range of canopy sizes and models to fit and suit all vehicles. Call our friendly staff on (07) 5522 1024 and a team member will be more than happy to help you find the right canopy fit for not only your vehicle but also for you and what will work.

Central Locking is a standard feature that AWL Canopies have now integrated in with the vehicle central locking.

The AWL Canopies price range between the models that we have and also the accessories you chose.

When you are considering the cost of your canopy unit always keep in the back of your mind that our Canopies can be transferred from vehicle to vehicle for up to 15 years plus. Here at AWL Canopies we understand that it is a big investment and outlay for our customers paying an upfront cost of around $10,000 for a canopy unit but if you work it out over 15 years you are paying around $625

We can also offer a False Floor/Lift-Off Canopy system for you – please phone for more information on the False Floor/Lift-off System for our friendly team to help you and provide more information on how we do it – 07 5522 1024.

Our Quotes are customized to you and what you required.

AWL Canopies have a wide range of our canopy units and sizes in stock and lead-time is typically around 3-6 week mark. Please keep in mind that if you require a custom fit out you are generally looking at a lead time of around 6-8 weeks. AWL Canopies standard Canopy Unit & Tray with central locking, door warning and internal LED lights lead-time is around 2-3 Weeks.

We have a great showroom based in Burleigh Heads QLD 4220. We our two models of in the showroom on display with our accessories as well that we have to offer. We also have two company vehicles that have both ranges of canopies on our vehicles for you to also see what they look like on vehicles.

Our showroom is Located at 5 Central Drive, Burleigh Heads QLD 4220.

Trading Hours:

Monday – Thursday 8:00am – 4:00pm

Friday 7:30am – 3:00pm

It has been proven that our canopies can last for 15 plus years. Purchasing a canopy unit can be and is a big investment for most people so knowing that our customers can come to us and purchase our products and canopies and continue to swap them over from vehicle to vehicle year after year is what we love about our product.

Our canopy units will outlast your vehicles.

built strong to last!

What separates our canopies from the rest?

AWL Canopies offer a 5-Year Structural warranty with all canopy units and service bodies.

With all the spare parts on our production are a 12-Month Warranty, below is a list of the parts.

  • Locks
  • Door Warning
  • Internal Lights
  • Gas Stays
  • Taillights (if supplied AWL)

Any consumables AWL supply you will be under warranty for a 12-month period.

We order two different heights and styles of canopies our two heights are the below:

  • 950mm high Overall – so this canopy unit is the IX Range which will sit a little bit higher than your vehicle Cabin Roof
  • 850mm high Overall – so this canopy unit is the IE Range which will sit flush roof with your vehicle Cabin Roof – Perfect for people who still need get in underground car parks!

AWL Canopies pride and focuses on producing the highest quality and most reliable products in today’s market. Not only that but we have such a great warranty period of a 5-Year Structural warranty on your canopy units. We have designed our products for everyone out there in today’s market, which include: Fleet, Mining, Government, Tradies, Builders Animal Management, Council and Leisure, you name and we do it all.

We know our canopies can last many years it has been proven, we have made our canopies strong and tuff enough to last the distance of up to 15 years and longer and our loyal customers continue to come back for that reason. You can even swap our canopies from vehicle to vehicle no matter what Ute you choose next.

For over 20 years it has always been our passion to produce nothing but the best product, along with that good knowable advice and a fanatic aftersales service, we want nothing more than for our customers to feel welcome – our work here at AWL Canopies is never done.

Yes we do!

AWL Canopies supplier to anyone and everyone no matter where they are.

AWL Canopies can remove your existing style side tub from your vehicle at the time of fitment of your canopy unit, if the tub has a revere camera we can also remove that out of the tub and re-mount it for you, if the tub also has reserving sensors we will leave the bumper on or mount them in out taillight protectors for you. That way you lose nothing from the tub bar the Style side body.

AWL Canopies don’t offer a custom canopy due to our canopies do come out of a fiberglass mould, the shell itself cannot be changed or modified.

However we can do internal fit-outs for the inside of your canopy unit for you, AWL Canopies are here to work with you and help you get exactly what you want and what will work for you.

Australia Wide

Custom built specially for you

We are located Australia Wide and have resellers who would be more than happy for us to Freight your canopy unit direct to them and they will work with yourself in regards to the best booking time for fitment of your canopy unit.

AWL Canopies also have fitters who we put on the road to come to you for fitment of your canopy also. (Please note: that is based on 3 or more canopies fitted at a time)

Our canopies are so easy to fit you could even fit it yourself AWL can provide you with all the correct fitting instructs and wiring for you to get the job done right.

We use a few different freight companies for both our canopies and spare parts.

When freighting our Canopy units they will be completely wrapped and on custom made pallets to suit the canopy unit.

AWL Canopies also offer the service of delivery pending where you are and how many canopies you have purchased. But we do have that service on offer for our customers.

Our mounts bolt to the vehicle cab chassis and then the tray and canopy bolts to the mounts.

We will re-mount that Factory camera under your Canopy & Tray.

Yes, of course you can. We offer painting at the time of order for you and after the fact also.

We are also happy for our customers to take their canopies and have they painted themselves prior to fitment of their canopy.

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